VLN draws a positive conclusion of the 2018 season

Even after 41 years, the VLN is more than ever powerful and vital. This biggest grassroots series of the world is efficient and wealthy. This was the conclusion drawn by the three main personalities of the endurance championship Nürburgring on occasion of the last round of the season last weekend. Ralph-Gerald Schlüter, VLN oHG general representative said: “On the average we’ve had 165 entries this year per event and we are highly satisfied with the upward trend. The positive development of the VLN in going on and the interest is unbroken. We had about 950 drivers from 40 different countries this year. This variety on the starting grid makes the racing series very attractive. Everything was running perfectly. There are of course always things to improve. All in all, everyone is however very happy.”

The wrap-up of the year turns out to be very positive also on the part of Dietmar Busch: “The feedback received from the fans throughout the nine events has been fantastic. The number of visitors sitting here on the grandstands and visiting the paddocks, has clearly increased again compared to last year. That is definitely also due to the nice weather. I cannot remember having had nine races in the recent time without rain or snow. At the same time, we made big improvements in terms of social media. And the livestream, too, has become a constant feature.“ The VLN VV GmbH Managing Director looks ahead: “Still pending now are the VLN prizegiving ceremony on 24thof November and the Essen Motor Show in December. We have scheduled a very “lively” stand for the Motor Show and we will of course display the champions’ car. All of our sponsors, too, will remain faithful to the series. All of the Cup classes will be there again. So we have no worries for the year 2019.”

Not only the organisation, also the competition was really convincing, as confirms Michael Bork: “The races inside the races, the mix of vehicles in all classes and classifications, that is the fascination of the VLN.” The VLN Head of Sports nevertheless wants to move further, as to stand still means to go back: “At VLN4, there was a situation of something like a traffic jam at Döttinger Höhe because some of the drivers were not able to realize the end of the Code-60 zone. We then intervened with the DMSB. We were sitting together last Friday with a big group in the ILN, the drivers representatives, the DSK, the representatives of the 24h Race and of the DMSB. There will be a suggestion for improvement. The DMSB Circuit Commission will have a meeting end of this month and I hope that we will then have a good solution for next year in relation to the flag issue.”

Bork would prefer the new season to start right now, rather than wait for next year: “We are happy with the calendar 2019. We will have three rounds in advance of the 24h Race which will bring us a huge participation of works teams in the GT3 class. The highlight will of course be the 6h Race again in August. We are looking forward to a fantastic season.”