Johannes Scheid breaks new grounds with his new Junior trio

A refreshment for the ‚Eifelblitz’. Youth competition is the motto for 2018 in the team Scheid Motorsport. For this year’s VLN season, the experienced team principle will rely onto a driver trio at the age of 18, 20 and 22 years. Their names are Tobias Müller, Nico Otto and Lars Peucker. “I have always rejected this in the past. But then I gave it a thought on how I was as a young driver. I was very passionate. However, I never destroyed anything. Now, I am absolutely happy to have only young drivers for a change. They shall get their chance”, says Johannes Scheid regarding his selection.

Tombias Müller had been set as one of the drivers in the BMW M235i since quite a while. Last year already, the 20-years old competed in the Nürburgring 24 Hour Race together with the previous regular drivers of the team, Rudi Adams and Thomas Jäger. The race driver from Euskirchen/ Germany moreover made his debut in the VLN in 2017 for the team MKR Engineering. His best result was a third position with the BMW M235i in class Cup5, achieved at the 42nd DMV 4 Hour Race.

Scheid hesitated for a long time before he disclosed the crew. Thomas Jäger had flirted with a start in the European TCR. “At a certain point of time yet, I had to look how thing would be moving forward”, says Scheid whose daughter Daniela actually got the ball rolling. “She presented the idea to me”, says Scheid. After a call in Facebook, Jörg Otto, Nico’s father, got in touch with him. Otto himself had been competing successfully in the VLN and took 14 class wins in total.

“They then came to see me over the carnival weekend”, informs Scheid and a young new team was born. “Young drivers always tent to be a little over-motivated but I am convinced that they will be fighting in the leading group. I told them that it is up to themselves. The only thing that I do not want to see is accidents.”

The youngest of the group, Nico Otto, is coming from Grevenbroich/ Germany, just as Lars Peucker. They are both new in the VLN. Otto has been competing successfully with the BMW 235i in the DMV GTC and in the Belgian M235i Racing Cup. He collected moreover experience at the Nordschleife in the RCN series. The same applies for the 22-years old Peucker who was behind the steering wheel of a BMW E36 Coupé to participate in performance tests. Peucker is also one of the candidates who are promoted and supported by the ADAC Nordrhein. “So they cannot be that bad”, says Scheid.

The level is high. In 2017, Scheid celebrated class wins in the Cup 5 at the 42nd DMV 4 Hour Race and at the 63rd ADAC Westfalenfahrt. He achieved another four top-three results in the VLN.