For Smudo, alcohol is a solution

Alcohol is a solution. At least for Smudo. Since the race car of this passionate motor sportsman is running with alcohol, but filled into the tank. Since 15 years, the frontman of the band “Fantastische Vier” and his racing team Four Motors are competing in the races of the VLN endurance championship and in the 24h Race at the Nürburgring to provide a platform for sustainable innovations and to put their competitiveness under test at the most demanding race track of the world.

Otto fuel E20 is used to run the Porsche Cayman GT4. The 20 percent of bioethanol additives does not only provide a clearly better carbon footprint but moreover issues 60 percent less of soot particles compared to super fuel. The CO2 emission is reduced by 80 percent in the production of the high-end-recycling oil. The particulate emission of the E10 which is available at fuel stations is anyway almost 25 percent better than of the conventional fuels.

The bioethanol used comes from sustainable production and, compared to fossil fuels, safes up to 70 percent of the greenhouse-gases. A study recently conducted at the Vienna University of Technology revealed impressive results regarding particulate emission: Compared to conventional fuel, the particulate emission with 10 percent bioethanol can be reduced by up to 23 percent and in case of an additive of 20 percent bioethanol even by up to 61 percent. Whilst many automobile drivers in Germany are nevertheless still hesitating to use E10, Four Motors is even using the double amount of ethanol – and thus secures decisive benefits for the team: “Thanks to the fine-tuning of the E20 fuel performed by Porsche Motorsport, we benefit from a significant increase in performance whilst the fuel consumption could be reduced”, says Team Principle Tom von Löwis.

“Without doubts, electromobility is the future, but electricity is not falling to the ground just like that. We will be able to build the bridge with high-tech solutions such as recycled oils, bioethanol fuels and bio materials”, Smudo adds. “It is only a small step for the automobile driver to grap the E10 fuel pipe at the station, but it is a big step for the environment.”