The 2017 class winners are confirmed

Apart from the Championship Classification, the Junior Trophy and the Production Car Trophy, there is also the VLN Class Winners Trophy as part of the VLN series final classification. These are awards presented at the end of the year to the best drivers in those classes in which more than three cars have been entered on the average throughout the season.

The following drivers will be honoured with cups in this category during the VLN annual prizegiving ceremony (25th November 2017) at the Nürburgring Bitburger Event Centre:

Cup 1 – Lena Strycek / Volker Strycek
Cup 2 – Alexander Mies / Tim Scheerbarth
Cup 3 – Moritz Kranz / Hamza Owega / Alex Schula
Cup 4 – Lucian Gavris / Dale Lomas
Cup 5 – Michael Schrey
Cup X – Ferdinand Stuck / Johannes Stuck
H2 – Olaf Beckmann / Peter Hass
H4 – Christopher Gerhard / Ralf Schall
SP10 – Wolfgang Weber
SP2T – Sandro Rothenberger / Luigi Stanco
SP3 – Tobias Overbeck
SP3T – Thomas Heinrich / Jörg Kittelmann / Klaus Müller
SP6 – David Ackermann
SP7 – Christopher Brück / Frank Kräling / Marc Gindorf
SP8 – Mike Jäger / Stephan Köhler / Christian Kohlhaas
SP9 – Frank Stippler
SPX – “Dieter Schmidtmann” / Heiko Hammel
TCR – Andreas Gülden / Benjamin Leuchter
V3 – “Montana” / Roberto Falcon
V4 – Marcel Manheller
V5 – Norbert Fischer / Christian Konnerth / Daniel Zils
V6 – Claudis Karch
VT2 – Kevin Wolters