Second victory of the season for Teichmann Racing

Daniel Bohr and Marc Hennerici won the ninth round of the season in the Cayman GT4 Trophy by Manthey-Racing at the Nürburgring-Nordschleife. After the win of Moritz Gusenbauer and Daniel Bohr at VLN race 2, the latter was now successful in the team with last year’s champion Hennerici. After four hours racing, the driver duo finished with a lead of 7.719 seconds over Hamza Owega, Alex Schula and Moritz Kranz. The Mühlner Motorsport trio had already secured the titles in the drivers’ and the team’s championships previously after VLN race 7. Marc Keilwerth and Marcos Adolfo Vazquez of Mathol-Racing finished fourth in the CUP3 class and thus took the title in the AM classification.

The last race day of the 2017 season started in foggy but mostly dry conditions. In the qualifying, Gabriele Piana nevertheless maintained a clear overview and set the fastest time at an early stage. Nobody was able to beat that time within the remainder of the 90 minutes session. Whilst the Italian completed the race two weeks ago when he made his debut in the Cayman Trophy as solo starter, he now shared the cockpit of the Mühlner-GT4 with Michael Rebhan, who returned to racing after a break of one and a half years. As Da Piana and Rebhan were entered as guest starters, the additional point for the fastest qualifying lap went to Stefan Beyer, Kevin Warum and Philipp Hagnauer of Sorg Rennsport.

The first part of the rain took place in wet conditions and Rebhan had to let the more experienced drivers move away, he finished the first lap in fourth place. Things were going better for Marc Hennerici who started like a rocket from fifth position and went into the lead already after the first few metres. In the further running of the race, there was an excitingly close battle about the lead between no. 960 (Bohr/Hennerici) and no. 979 (Owega/Schula/Kranz). After three laps, most of the teams came to the pits to change from rain to slick tyres and the subsequent refuel strategies were quite similar. So the decision had to be taken out on the track and this fight was decided in favour of Bohr/Hennerici who finished the four hours race with a narrow lead.

Gabriele Piana did a brilliant job in catching up with car no. 969 from position six up onto the podium to finally celebrate third place together with Michael Rebhan. Piana hereby also set the fastest race lap with a time of 8:46.956 minutes. The additional point, however, went to their colleagues from the Mühlner team with car no. 979, having set second fastest time. So Owega, Schula and Kranz have a total score of 195 points at the conclusion of the season. Next in the ranking are Keilwerth/Vazquez (103 points) and Daniel Bohr (100.5 points).