Mühlner Motorsport takes day victory and title

Hamza Owega, Alex Schula and Moritz Kranz won the seventh round of the season in the Cayman GT4 Trophy by Manthey-Racing at the Nürburgring Nordschleife and thus secured the title in VLN class Cup3 two races in advance of the conclusion of the season. Mühlner Motorsport has thus also already scored the title in the team championship. The race had to be stopped with the red flag half an hour before the scheduled distance of four hours had elapsedas many cars had gone off due to oil on the track.

In qualifying already, the Mühlner team demonstrated that they are keen on gaining the title. The fastest lap time set by car number 979 was taked with 8:44.668 minutes, no other team in the CUP3 had been faster this year. Moritz Kranz thus secured fifth pole position of the season for the team and the obligatory additional point for the championship. The man of the first third of the race distance, however, was Fabian Schiller of GetSpeed-Performance. Starting from fourth position on the grid, the driver of car number 940 moved ahead of car 960 of Teichmann Racing into second position in third lap when going through the Mercedes-Arena before he overtook car 979 three kilometres later when joining the Nordschleife and thus went into the lead.

After the technical problems encountered by the team of Teichmann Racing in the last race, they wanted this time to come back to their normal performance. And indeed, Daniel Bohr and Moritz Gusenbauer did a very good job. Whilst in lap three, car 960, the GetSpeed Cayman, was still shown in third place, they passed the championship leader of Mühlner Motorsport when entering the Nordschleife one lap later and went back into second place. With the advanced championship win in view, the squad from Franchorchamps Belgium took it quite easy for a time in the battles with their competitors. They nevertheless gained the additional point for the fastest race lap which they set in lap 18 with a time of 8:48.001 minutes.

In the further runnung of the race, cars 940, 960 and 979 changed positions in the lead several times, always depending on thir race strategy, until the decision was taken due to some oil on the track in the area between Flugplatz and Schwedenkreuz where car 940 with Osieka and Schiller had an accident and had to retire. One lap later, there was another accident in the area Fuchsröhre whereupon Race Control decided to stop the 57th ADAC Reinoldus-Langstreckenrennen. So finally, the Mühlner-Porsche number 979 became first, second position went to number 960 and the top three were completed by ‘Max’, ‘Jens’ and Daniel Mursch with start number 941 ahead of their GetSpeed team mates Osieka and Schiller.

The next VLN race, the 49th ADAC Barbarossapreis will take place on 7th October.