Mühlner Motorsport extend their lead

A short “splash and dash“ for Teichmann Racing with drivers Moritz Gusenbauer, Daniel Bohr and Fabio Grosse just before the end of the fourth VLN race of the season brought about the decision in the Cayman GT4 Trophy by Manthey-Racing in favour of Mühlner Motorsport and the drivers Hamza Owega, Alex Schula and Moritz Kranz behind the steering wheel. The difference at the finish was 58.220 seconds.

After three first and one second place, the team of Bernhard and Renate-Carola Mühlner thus extended their lead in the drivers’ and in the teams’ classifications. “It is fun. It is a challenge. Everyone in this Trophy has the same car. So the driving skills are specifically important, and also whether the driver has strong nerves, how he can cope with the weather conditions and if he can transfer the setup perfectly”, informed team manager Renate-Carola Mühlner.

In the qualifying, the Mühlner team with number 979 had gained an advance of almost three seconds ahead of the second in practice, Teichmann Racing with number 960. There were several changes in the race lead between the two favourites for the championship almost until near the end of the race. “That was a great and close battle about position one. The lead changed several times between Alex Schula and me. It is really fun to compete with him. It’s a pity that we had these problems at the refuel towards the end”, said Moritz Gusenbauer.

Into third place finished ”Max“, ”Jens“ and Daniel Mursch of GetSpeed Performance. The fastest lap was recorded for Marc Keilwerth, Timo Mölig and Marcos Adolfo Vazquez who finished in fourth position. With their time of 8:53,038 minutes, the driver trio of Mathol Racing for the first time gained the additional point for the fastest lap. “Today’s race was quite relaxing for us. We didn’t have much traffic and everybody was very prudent, that was really great. Third place was our realistic target which we actually achieved,” explained Daniel Mursch.