Isert Motorsport presents two new KTM X-BOW GT4

The „KTM X-BOW Cup powered by Michelin“ was originally scheduled to start at the third VLN race next weekend. After coordination with the senior officials of the DMSB and the VLN though, it was decided to postpone the start by two weeks.

“Theoretically, we could have made it already for this weekend but, after consultation with the DMSB and the VLN, we deliberately refrained from doing so“, explains Michael Wölfling, KTM Sportcar GmbH Managing Director: “Our timing was very ambitious, we were finally able to submit the regulations only a few weeks ago. During their finalisation, a number of detailed points and questions came up and we wanted to clarify those together thoroughly to be absolutely perfectly prepared for the start of our KTM X-BOW Cup vehicle. We were able to ensure this in postponing the start by two weeks and we are now looking forward to our debut during the fourth VLN race.”

The visitors at the Nürburgring will this week nevertheless be able to enjoy the performance of the spectacular KTM X-BOW GT4. The Isert Motorsport Team will use VLN weekend 3 to present two teams which will compete in the new Cup. Interested teams and drivers will be able to get detailed information on the brand-new race car in the paddocks. Team Principle Uwe Isert: “I am specifically delighted that we are able to bring right two teams to the start of the Cup which we are going to introduce now. I don’t want to reveal everything right now but I can guarantee that the mere design of the cars and the two driver duos will attract a lot of attention.” Isert is quite relaxed regarding the delayed start for the Cup and thus the reduction from seven to six races for this season: “We finished everything last minute only, not to forget that our team was still in Le Mans until last Sunday. Actually, we are happy to have a little more time now and that we can use next weekend for a roll-out. We would be excited to welcome a lot of fans and all those interested on Friday and Saturday inside the paddocks so that we can explain them everything about the KTM X-BOW GT4 race car.“

Anyone interested may from now on contact the team through an extra e-mail under and ask any kind of questions. An information folder is moreover available for download on the KTM website: