Securtal Sorg Rennsport wins class V4

Securtal Sorg Rennsport had a very successful second race of the VLN season: A victory in class V4 and positions two, four and six in the BMW M235i Racing Cup. With 18 cars each, both classes figured a good entry. “Compliments to all drivers and team members. I am highly satisfied“, said Daniel Sorg. “We presented ourselves splendidly in the big field of 195 starters and in front of the many thousands of fans along the race track.”

Oskar Sandberg and Torsten Kratz provided the highlight of the day in winning their class of production cars up to 2,500cc capacity (V4). Whilst the two drivers in the BGS technic-BMW 325i did not gain the top position in qualifying yet, they celebrated a superior race victory.

“This was an exciting, but also fair duel”, said Sandberg, who laid the foundation for the success with his double stint. And Kratz, who finally crossed the finish line with an advance of 1:19 minutes ahead of the BMW 325i of the team Pixum Adrenalin Motorsport, praised above all the new suspension set-up. “We had clearly less understeering and less tyre wear.”

Great was also the joy when the three BMW M235i Racing in the Cup class took the chequered flag. Solo driver Heiko Eichenberg started the race in his fruit2go-BMW from third grid position and finished second. “I was really lucky in the collision with a Toyota, apart from this, it was a really nice race with a perfect car.”

After practice, the differential in the Gedlich-M325i of Felix Günther and Guido Wirtz had to be changed. “It isn’t too bad to start from the last position on the grid and then to move up into fourth place”, said the only 21 years old Günther who was very happy. The newcomers at the Nordschleife, Frederik Nymakr and Joonas Lappalainen, completed the excellent result for Securtal Sorg Rennsport with a sixth place.

Together with Kevin Warum, double starter Kratz brought the Eibach-Porsche Cayman in fourth place in the class of production cars up to 3,00 cc (V5, 12 starters); a temporary fuel pressure problem spoiled a second place which was within reach.

Also in fourth place finished Nicolas Griebner, Björn Simon and Emin Akata in the class up to 3,500 cc (V6, 6 starters). For a long time of the race, they were shown in the top three before Griebner came to an unscheduled pit stop. “There were some vibrations at the front axle and I wanted to be on the safe side”, explained the Frenchman. The Porsche Cayman was able to rejoin the race after a repair time of 15 minutes.

It could have been worse for Stefan Kenntemich behind the steering wheel of the Sinzig-Porsche Cayman GT4 which he shared with Stefan Beyer and Oliver Bender. “The car in front of me had an engine failure and fortunately its flywheel crashed only into my radiator.”