Opel Cup-Champion Glib changes to the BMW-Cup for 2017

The Opel Astra OPC Cup 2016 Champion changes his make for the coming season: Glib Kutepov will compete for MKR Engineering in the BMW M235i Racing Cup 2017. Following the traces of his father, the five times VLN class winner Klaus Müller, the 19 years old driver completes the process to change from karting into touring car sports.

“I have run through a number of options during the winter break”, says Gilb Kutepov. “Concerning cars: from GTs up to formula race cars, geographically seen: from Great Britain to Georgia. Ultimately, I decided to remain with the VLN.”

MKR-Engineering made its debut in the VLN endurance championship Nürburgring in 2017. So far, the team around Matthias Kräutlein has competed in the DMV BMW Challenge and now takes the step into the “Green Hell”.

“I was already in contact with MKR-Engineering in autumn 2016 but nothing was decided yet by then”, Kutepov tells. “Sometime Matthias decided to enter the VLN series and he proposed me to join his team. I liked the constellation and also the idea to drive the car together with Tobias Müller – and I accepted.”

After a successful year in the Opel Astra OPC Cup, Kutepov is now going to undertake a new task: “The coming season will be a challenge. But all the cars in the Cup are similar and our team has the best prospects to be successful. We must, however, remain focussed in approaching the project in a cool-headed way and with the heart in the right place.”