Derscheid-Motorsport in 2017 again with a driver trio in class V4

The Team Derscheid Motorsport will continue to compete in the 2017 season without any changes in the team. This year again, Rolf Derscheid and Michael Flehmer, together with Zoran “Schorle“ Radulovic, will drive the BMW 325i in the class of VLN production cars up to 2,500 cc capacity.

“2016 was a good year for us, so there is no reason to change anything”, says team manager Rolf Derscheid. Amongst the good points of last year was definitely the participation of Zoran Radulovic who joined the private German team as third driver for the season 2016. “Schorle integrated himself superbly into the team”, Derscheid adds. “But he was not the only one, his son Sascha, too, has done a perfect job on-site in the technical team.”

Derscheid can look back onto a good season: Position six in the championship classification of the endurance racing series and position four in the production car classification. Five class wins once again underlined and demonstrated that the VLN champion team of the year 2014 is always a candidate for the podium. There was furthermore a number of small, personal highlights. “We achieved a very special victory at the ninth round”, Derscheid remembers. “That was one of the most difficult races for me. I lost third gear at the beginning of my stint and did not expect to make it to the finish. When we nevertheless finally succeeded in completing the race, we were more than happy.”

Derscheid gets quickly enthusiastic when he starts to speak about the endurance championship. “Racing is one thing, but the team spirit inside the paddocks is another thing. And that is the fascination of the endurance racing championship. Out on the track, we are fighting against each other about every centimetre and in the evening, we have a beer together – that is unique.”

So it is not difficult for Rolf Derscheid to think of the new season already at this early stage. Together with his team mates, who are working on a voluntary basis, he will prepare his BMW 325i for the season opener end of March as diligently as usual in the coming weeks and months. And his slogan for 2017 will once again be: “Don’t expect anything, fight for everything and see what happens in the end.”