Mies and Schrey are the new VLN Champions 2016

It has now been officially confirmed that Alexander Mies and Michael Schrey are the VLN champions 2016. In a symbolic act, VLN chief representative Karl Mauer presented to them start number 1 after the tenth and final race. In the past season, Mies and Schrey scored eight class wins in the BMW M235i Racing Cup. The two drivers of Bonk Motorsport had already been unofficially confirmed provisional champions after the eighth round when they finished in third position and could thus no longer be displaced from the lead in the championship table.

“For me, this is the greatest success in my motorsport career”, said Mies and Schrey adds happily: “An awesome moment. I had tears in my eyes in the slow-down lap, it was such a relief when all the pressure suddenly went. I remembered that my father also became VLN Champion almost 30 years ago.” Wolfgang Schrey took the title in the VLN series in the season 1988.

The Mies family, too, is well-known in the VLN: Alexander’s father competed in races in Honda and Porsche. And his elder brother Christopher has so far scored five overall wins in the endurance championship, the last one right now in the final race of 2016.