Public Viewing at the VLN

Two large video screens will as of now provide the possibility of public viewing during the races of the VLN endurance championship Nürburgring. Each of the twelve square metres large LED screens is fitted to an eight metres high steel pylon, which is set up at an easily visible position at the access to the Nordschleife between the race track and the Restaurant Devil’s Diner. Normally, the two video walls display information on the track conditions with current weather data from the sections Flugplatz, Breidscheid and Hohe Acht as well as information on the events and on Nürburgring offers. So they provide an improved service and more safety in particular during the tourist trips.

The special highlight: During the VLN races, the livestream will in addition be transmitted. This permits public viewing of a special kind from indoors Devil’s Diner and from the restaurant terrace as the visitors can thus comfortably enjoy a direct view onto the long straight at the Döttinger Höhe” as well as the direct sound of the touring and GT competition cars, whilst they may simultaneously follow the action of the fascinating racing series on the LED screens.