TMG-Cup: No-score displace the Cup leaders

During the first six races of the VLN endurance championship Nürburgring, Florian Wolf and Nils Jung have more and more turned out to be the favourites number one for the title in the TMG GT 86 Cup. And the Ring Racing driver duo travelled to the highlight of the VLN season as championship leaders, full of enthusiasm to continue on their road of success. They were, however, deeply disappointed. Wolf went full attack in the practice and damaged the Toyota so badly that a repair was not possible in time for the start of the race. This was the first time in the season that Jung and Wolf did not score any points at all, their closest rivals were cheering.

Due to the non-start of the leaders, the previously second- and third-placed teams in the Cup used the chance to move ahead in the overall classification. Manuel Amweg and Thomas Lampert (Swiss Racing Team) secured a race victory relatively unchallenged and went also in the lead of the Cup. “It was by far not as clear as it looked like. The fight about the lead was quite exciting but this time luck was on our side”, said team manager Roland Baumann.

The first half of the 6h race in particular was characterised by many changes in the lead between Amweg/ Lampert and the Team Pitlane – AMC Sankt Vith with ‘Brody’, Bruno-Francesco Barbara, Michael Bräutigam and Olivier Muytjens. Pitlane – Sankt Vith had to change a drive shaft in the last race hour, which cleared the way for the Swiss Racing-Duo to go into the lead whilst their competitors finished second. They also moved ahead of Wolf and Jung in the overall classification. “All of our drivers have shown a very good performance and a victory today would have been possible had we been more lucky. Compliments to my team for having changed the drive shaft in only 15 minutes – even though we lost out on the Swiss as a consequence”, Muytjens said.