Cup 5: What happened behind Schrey and Mies

It is their impressive predominance which creates the impression that the BMW M235i Racing Cup is actually exclusively made up of the Bonk Motorsport duo Alexander Mies and Michael Schrey. They won their class Cup5 in all of the five races and, moreover, they had normally to fight against as many competitors as no other VLN class winner this year. On the average, 20 BMW M235i Racing Cup vehicles had been on the starting grid at the Nürburgring Nordschleife and each of the crews has already been able to enjoy scoring points in the Cup classification 2016. This demonstrates that it is not just a flowery phrase to say that the competition in this Cup is extremely balanced. There are nonetheless two teams which dominate the action – the VLN championship leaders Schrey and Mies as well as the ‘Eifelblitz’ of the Team Scheid-Honert Motorsport with Thomas Jäger and Rudi Adams.

At the opening round, the latter was even initially supposed to have crossed the finish line as fastest car. An infringement under yellow flags, however, resulted in the application of a time penalty and the driver duo finally dropped back into seventh place as a consequence. Not only Schrey and Mies benefited from this lapse. Single driver Stefan van Campenhoudt moved up into second position and DTM driver Tom Blomqvist inherited third place at his only Cup5 start of the year. Jäger and Adams did not feel discouraged, though, as a consequence of the circumstances – on the contrary. They scored three second positions subsequently and one third place. With 86 Cup points, they are thus in clear second position in their class, behind Schrey and Mies (130 points).

The fight about third position in the Cup classification in contrast is extremely tight. Uwe Ebertz, Norbert Fischer and Christian Konnerth (44 points) are currently still holding third place. The Pixum Team Adrenalin Motorsport trio never finished worse than fourth place in the first three VLN races but they had to retire in the previous two rounds.

So a whole armada is now following them closely behind. Heiko Eichenberg for example, who scored one fourth (VLN2), one sixth (VLN3) and one third place (VLN5) as single driver for Securtal Sorg Rennsport,and has thus collected a total of 40 points. Even though Dennis Wüsthoff, Fabian Danz and Benjamin Leuchter of the Team racing one have not yet achieved a result on the podium, they have also scored 40 points in total after two fourth and one fifth place.

With only four points behind follow the team mates of Heiko Eichenbergs. Max Kottmayr, Kevin Warum and Erik Johansson in the Sorg-BMW finished two times fourth and one time eighth and still have all chances to take up the challenge in the fight for the third position in the overall classification.