VLN5: Statistically significant results

They have done it again! Three weeks after their victory at the fourth round of the VLN endurance championship Nürburgring, Christopher Mies and Connor De Phillippi finished again on top of the winners’ podium. For Mies this was the fourth overall and the 16th class win and for the Team Land Motorsport the 21st victory in the VLN.

Quite a few drivers scored statistically significant results at the fifth race of the season. The name of one of these drivers is also Mies.

Wolfgang Weber’s fiftieth record
Since 1990, only 25 drivers were able to celebrate more class wins in the VLN than Wolfgang Weber. The man from Vilshofen on the river Danube has been regularly competing in an Aston Martin since years. Together with Norbert Bermes, he dominated class SP10 this season in the Vantage V8 as he wished, although their latest success, Weber’s 50th win, was somehow inevitable. With the support of Hendrik Still and Klaus Hahn, Weber and Bermes this time were the only starters in their class.

The unbelievable series continues
Things look quite different in the Cup5 class. At the fifth race, there were “only” 17 participants in the BMW M235i Racing Cup; this represents the lowest figure of the season so far but the Cup5 was nevertheless the class with the greatest number of cars on the grid. Alexander Mies and Michael Schrey apparently were not deeply impressed by this number of rivals as the driver duo of Bonk Motorsport again scored a class win – the fifth in a row – and thus even further extended their lead in the VLN overall classification.

And Alexander Mies had another reason to celebrate: This latest top result represented the 20th class win for him. Harald Hennes, who won in the Cup2 together with Thomas Gerling and Thomas Kappeler, has by the was now established an equal number of class wins. In the race on 16th July, they dominated four rivals with their Porsche 911 GT3 Cup in the fight about the class win.

Whilst Michael Bonk, the team manager of Bonk Motorsport, was delighted about this again strong performance of Mies and Schrey, his brother Peter celebrated his 25th class victory in a Ford Fiesta ST. He was entered by the DSK (Deutscher Sportfahrer Kreis) and, together with Marco van Ramshorst, he was the only participant in class VT1 to finish the race.

For the tenth time best in his class
Jens Riemer started together with Hajo Müller and Dominik Thiemann in class V5, the second strongest class in terms of number of participants, in a BMW E36 and crossed the finish line after 4:02.18 hours. This was the fourth class win for the driver trio and the tenth for Riemer during his VLN career.

Marc Gindorf in the Firkadelli-Porsche 911 GT3 Cup MR also celebrated his tenth class victory. Together with Frank Kräling and Christopher Brück, he is having extremely close battles in class SP7 with Tim Scheerbarth and Alexander Toril Boquoi since the beginning of the season. The Black Flacon duo took the lead three times, the Frikadelli trio won twice.