Cup3: Hennerici and Oberheim celebrate third win of the season

The half-time champions in the Cayman GT4 Trophy by Manthey-Racing are Marc Hennerici and Moritz Oberheim. In the spectacular final part of the fifth VLN race, the duo of raceunion Teichmann Racing performed brilliantly and celebrated their third class victory. Hamza Owega, Moritz Kranz and Daniel Mursch in the Cayman of GetSpeed Performance had to admit a very narrow defeat. The top three were completed by “Max“ and “Jens“, also entered by GetSpeed Performance.

The race had a very exciting finish: In an extremely close fight about the victory, which lasted almost throughout the complete race, Oberheim overtook his rival finally in a wild drift only in the penultimate corner; his advance at the finish were razor-thin 0.247 seconds. The two crews had previously already fought a nail-biting duel in the timed practice, but then with Owega, Kranz and Mursch in the lead. With a time of 8:45,487 minutes, the driver trio secured the best starting position for their car in class Cup3. Looking into the respective fastest lap times, the result in the practice was even closer: The gap of Owega, Kranz and Mursch ahead of Hennerici and Oberheim was only four thousands of a second.

With their third class win, Hennerici and Oberheim went into the lead of the championship standings (81 points). They have now an advance of ten points ahead of Owega, Kranz and Mursch in second place.

Kai Riemer and Arnd Meier, previously in first place, had to stop after only two laps in this fifth race of the season. The duo of Arkenau Motorsport had to retire after going off the track and hitting the guardrails. The standings show them now in fourth place behind “Max“ and “Jens“.