Special conditions for newcomers in the VLN

As already announced, the VLN will provide special conditions for the participation of newcomers in the 4th, 5th and 6th race. The following points must, however, be considered in this context:

  • No one of the entered drivers may have previously participated in a VLN race.
  • These conditions apply for one or several of the aforementioned races in the entry fee categories 600 and 1000 euros.
  • The entry must be made online through the regular VLN system.
  • Information on the entry fee for the entered car can be found in the VLN General Sporting Regulations 2016. This fee must be paid at the same time when the entry form is submitted. Half of the amount will be reimbursed in cash at administrative checks.
  • The combined timing/noise measurement transponder will be provided by the VLN free of charge but a deposit of 350 euro must be paid.
  • The provider of the GPS system (oms@gpsoverip.de) offers the unit for a rental fee of 238 euro within the overall package for which the amount of 975.80 euro, including the antennas, is normally charged. Upon return on-site or reshipment within one week after the race, the difference (617.17 euro) to the rental fee of 238 euro + 120 euros for the antennas will be reimbursed to the team.
  • The VLN offers those participants who are in possession of a proof of success required for the acquisition of the DPN category B the track walk required by the DMSB, scheduled for Friday before VLN race 4.
  • Karl Mauer (mauer@vln.de) will be available per email for any further information.