RTR dominating the race – Arkenau dominating the trophy classification

After the third round of the VLN endurance racing championship, Team raceunion Teichman Racing (RTR) continues to dominate the races in the debut season of the Porsche Cayman GT4 Trophy by Manthey-Racing. The team which is based in Adenau near the Nürburgring again celebrated a class win. Just as in the VLN season opener beginning of April, Marc Hennerici and Moritz Oberheim did not only gain victory but also pole position and they completed the fastest race lap. Even though, with Marcel Hoppe and Moritz Gusenbauer, there was another RTR duo winning the second race of the year, the overall classification of the Trophy shows yet another driver duo in first position: Kai Riemer and Arnd Meier of the Team Arkenau Motorsport.

For each of the three race victories, the RTR-Team had to fight really hard within the Cup class and despite the impressively positive record you cannot speak about a predominance. “The field of the GT4 Trophy is very balanced”, says Moritz Oberheim. This statement was also supported by the close fights within the Cayman Trophy during the race. After the start, Oberheim and Hennerici lost their lead to the GetSpeed trio Hamza Owega, Moritz Kranz and Daniel Mursch. Joined by two other crews, Willy Hüppi, Alexander Schula and Patrick Assenheimer as well as the Arkenau Cayman with Kai Riemer and Arnd Meier, a quartet was created that provided exciting fights about positions and racing action on a very high but fair level almost throughout the complete remainder of the race. Due to different strategies, there were several changes in the lead between those teams and, with lap times around 8:50 minutes, they all were on a similar level.

It was only in the last hour of the four hours race duration that the gaps between the top four became bigger. After a collision, the car of Owega, Kranz and Mursch had to come for an unscheduled pit stop and lost all the chances for a victory. Hüppi, Schula and Assenheimer, too, encountered some problems and dropped back by many places. In a final spurt then, Hennerici and Oberheim finally finished first ahead of Riemer and Meier. Owega, Kranz and Mursch completed the top three. „Marc and I were pushing hard indeed, but we did not take any unnecessary risk. The strategy worked and it was rewarded with a victory”, said Moritz Oberheim after the race.

In the Trophy season so far, Riemer and Arnd managed this difficult balance between taking risks and safe driving best and they are thus in the lead of the overall classification. With start number 25, they finished twice in second and once in third place. All the victorious RTR Cayman in contrast have already had one retirement respectively. Hennerici and Oberheim suffered an Out in the second VLN race and Hoppe/Gusenbauer in the practice session of the third event. “Sometimes joy and sorrow are so close together in motorsport. We had been very sad in the morning after the accident of Marcel Hoppe and Moritz Gusenbauer and now, we are the winners,“ was the summary of RTR team manager Karl-Heinz Teichmann.