Manthey column: A learning process never stops…

Let us assume you would have to pass your theoretic driving test again, how many of the 30 questions would you be able to answer correctly? Or would you think that a test in which you would have to demonstrate your knowledge of traffic signs and of the right of way would not be necessary for you because you have been driving vehicles since years and decades? Do you seriously feel that any such theoretic test would be unnecessary?

If you and I, we both had a look at how vehicle drivers sometimes behave, if you and me, we both questioned ourselves how good our knowledge of the current traffic rules is, then, I am convinced of that, our answers on the questions presented above would be consistent and unambiguous. I would bet on that.

So, why do we have race drivers who categorically refuse the requirement of an additional licence for certain races at the Nordschleife, who refuse the E-learning programme? They do so in stating that they have been at the start of the 24 Hour Race or in the VLN hundreds of times, so that they have collected experience at the Nordschleife over many years and would hence no more have to demonstrate anything.

I want to tell those people who dig their heels in and also those people who still have not fully understood the spirit and purpose of the permit and of the E-learning programme: There is no single race driver on the world whose training is complete, regardless of how long, where and what he has been driving – this applies both to professional drivers and in particular also to amateur drivers.
Anyone signing an application for the issue of a licence confirms that he or she is fully aware of the sporting regulations and has not only just read it, if at all. That he or she for examples knows exactly all flag signals and their significance, that he or she is familiar with the code of driving conduct and not just with of some of the rules, but with all of them. And how many race drivers know the sporting provisions to perfection? Not all of them. And I would bet on that, too.

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