VLN 2: Statistically significant successes – Part 2

It was not simply another overall victory which Frank Stippler and Anders Fjordbach celebrated after the second round of the VLN endurance racing championship at the Nürburgring, this was a very special success in many respects. The triumph achieved on 30th April thus signified the 200th VLN class win for Audi. This was, however, not the only jubilee that could be celebrated after the finish of the 41st DMV 4 Hour Race. More statistically significant figures were achieved after the second VLN race of the year.

Schrey’s promising jubilee
Successful figures which Michael Schrey can only dream of. The tenth class win in his career was nonetheless a very valuable one. After the opening round, he dominated all his major rivals in the very competitive BMW M235i Racing Cup at the second VLN race again. Together with Alexander Mies, he defeated 19 competitors with his BMW M235i entered by Bonk Motorsport and thus legitimately asserted his claim on the VLN championship title. After two races, Schrey and Mies are in second championship position behind Stippler and Fjordbach.

Team mates had two reasons to celebrate
A very special class win celebrated also Christian Kohlhaas and Mike Jäger in class SP8. Nobody could beat the Ferrari 458 entered by the Team Racing one and driven by Kohlhaas together with Stephan Köhler at this second race of the season. For Kohlhaas, this was the 20th class win in total and for Jäger the tenth. In class V3, Frank Kuhlmann and Mark Giesbrecht had right two reasons to congratulate each other. In their Honda Civic Type R, they scored the class win and for each of them it was at the same the 20th class win in the VLN.

30th success for Mini
Another jubilee success on the weekend was secured by Ralf Zensen, Jürgen Bretschneider and Ralph Beck. The driver trio in the BMW Mini of Team Rent4Ring-Racing was fastest in class SP2T at the Nordschleife and marked the 30th class win for the manufacturer.