Ten test days including taxi rides

In 2016, the agency MH Sportpromotion will once again organise test and set-up sessions on the Friday before each VLN race. The VLN teams may also use these sessions for taxi rides.

The Friday will be available for the VLN participants as test day as usual. In co-operation with RTS, the Nürburgring will schedule a test and track day on the short version of the GP Circuit combined with the Nordschleife before five of the VLN races between 09h30 and 15h30. On the day before the other five events, the VLN will, as in the previous years, offer test and set-up sessions at the Grand-Prix Circuit between 08h00 and 14h00.

The Nürburgring will offer testing possibilities on the following dates: 1st April (VLN 1), 29th April (VLN 2), 13th May (VLN 3), 2nd September (VLN 7) and 21st October (VLN 10). On these days, the test and set-up sessions organised by MH Sportpromotion will take place between 16h30 and 18h30.

The test and set-up sessions organised by the VLN will take place according to the following schedule: 24th June (VLN 4), 15th July (VLN 5), 19th August (VLN 6), 2nd September (VLN 7) and 7th October (VLN 9). On these days, the MH Sportpromotion test and set-up sessions will take place from 16h00 to 18h00.