The popular Cup classes

The VLN endurance racing championship Nürburgring stands out with its unique mix of vehicle makes, categories and models. Those classes in which the drivers compete against each other in single-make cups nevertheless enjoy a great popularity, too. The Cup classes have meanwhile become as appealing for the spectators at the Nürburgring as the high-speed classes SP9 (GT3), SP-X and SP-Pro. With the new Cayman GT4 Trophy by Manthey-Racing, a new Cup class will be introduced for the year 2016. The Cup organisers have already received about 20 registrations so that the Cup-internal competition of the Porsche Cayman racing cars promises to provide a great attraction at the Nordschleife. A perfect addition to the three other Cups, the BMW 235i Racing Cup, the Opel Astra OPC Cup and the TMG GT86-Cup, and they all are likely to ensure excitement up to the very last VLN race this season again.

Cayman GT4 Trophy by Manthey-Racing
“I am really glad that the season now finally gets underway again. We are ready and we hope to have a perfect season”, says the Cayman GT4 Trophy responsible Thomas Raquet. Everything looks very promising because as many as 15 of the 385 HP strong race cars are expected to be on the starting grid at the season opener. Almost all of the cars have already been delivered to the teams. About 200 racing parts were installed into the series model to convert it into a Cayman GT4 Clubsport, a successful combination of the series car and a racing car. Raquet: “We are looking forward with great anticipation. A lot of drivers who have previously been competing in many different categories of the VLN will now meet again in the Trophy. The list of participants will be a class of its own and promises to provide exciting racing action.”

The high number of registrations also increases the probability that the VLN champion of the year 2016 may come from the participants in the Cayman Trophy. According to the points scoring system in the VLN, it is a fact that the more competitors a driver leaves behind in his or her class, the more points he or she scores. So any driver dominating in the Trophy may well be a promising top candidate for the VLN title.

On Saturday, 19th March, we will inform about the BMW 235i Racing Cup