Team alliance in the tv14 Honda Civic Cup 2009

In economical difficult times, one must sometimes break new ground to continue racing at the Nordschleife. After the withdrawal of the main sponsor from the Team Nett, things didn’t look good at all to find an alternative budget for the complete season. The Team Dupré found themselves in a similar situation as Claus Dupré wanted to step shorter in the coming season and Christoph Dupré suddenly was without team mate.

Both teams decided to enter into a cooperation to compete jointly in the season 2009. The crew Christoph Dupré / Jürgen Nett will take part in the Championship in a Honda Civic Type R prepared by Dupré M Sport. The Team Nett will be responsible for the team management on-site. To save the race car during the season, the well-known blue Nett Honda Civic prepared in Mayen at the Nett workshop will be available both for test and set-up sessions and it will also serve as spare race car. The car can also be rented by customer for single Cup rounds, if required. Claus Dupré and Christian Erben will share the responsibility in the technical management and in the organisation on-site.

The direction in which the new joint venture shall go is clearly defined: The victory in the tv14 Honda Civic Cup 2009 and with the new combination of drivers who both have been belonging to the fastest and most successful drivers in the Civic Cup for the last two years, the chances should be very good.