Everything is still the same

By end of the season 2008, the women power team in the BFGoodrich Langstreckenmeisterschaft Nürburgring showed a clear upwards tendency and their intention for 2009 is to continue this way in their popular Ford Fiesta ST.

The team will hence further rely on their successful staff and material. Since 2007, Jana Meiswinkel (Wilnsdorf) and Jutta Beisiegel (Kaiserslautern) complement each other perfectly in the Ford Fiesta cockpit. So why should one allow for such a brilliant crew to be separated? The two lady drivers will in 2009 again confirm that motor sports has since long finished to be a purely male dominated area.

The Ford Fiesta was completely revised during winter time so that the race car should be very well prepared for the coming season. In addition, the car has become some kilograms lighter and was increased in width. The fresh design of the Breitung brothers will remain so that the women power team in their Ford Fiesta will again be one of the eye-catcher in the field.