Doc Tom and Jan Ullrich to change roles

There will be an exciting premiere for the fans of the BFGoodrich Langstreckenmeisterschaft to experience in 2009. For the first time ever in the 33 years of history of the most popular race sports series in Europe, a true Tour-de-France winner will take the “Green Hell” under his wheels – but he will this time be racing on four wheels.

And here is a short summary of the background: Dr. Thomas Stoltz, Vice-Champion in the Langstreckenmeisterschaft in 2003, and professional bicycle racer Jan Ullrich this year wish to explore the other’s world respectively. They are planning to participate as a team in May in the 24h Race at the Nürburgring and then in the two-wheelers spectacle 24 Hours Rad at the Ring. To be well prepared for the 24 Hours Race at the Nürburgring, Ullrich will compete in at least one round of European’s most popular race series. In an interview, “Doc Tom” gives his view as two-wheel rookie whereas professional bicycle rider Ullrich informs of his expectations as a newcomer in motor sport.

The “Green Hell” this time in a different kind for both of you – what are your expectations?

Ullrich: Well, on the one hand I am looking forward to keep going fast in a car without getting a ticket immediately. In addition, I simply wish to have fun and try something new.

Stoltz: Fun, success and that all participants shall keep well, fit and happy!

Is there anything in common with both disciplines? If so, what is it exactly?

Ullrich: Yes indeed, I think we have a lot in common, for example team spirit, endurance, fitness and courage.

Stoltz: The feeling of speed when going downhill is quite similar. You need to be foresightedly and your material must be well adapted

What are the special features of your new vehicles?

Ullrich: The race car makes much more noise and it is not man who is the driving force.

Stoltz: The seat on the racing bicycle is not as comfortable. In addition, I am directly exposed to weather – I shall miss the wipers.

Which parts of the track will you love and which ones will you hate?

Ullrich: I will definitely love all bends!

Stoltz: And I will definitely love to race down the Fuchsröhre at 100 kph. Just the contrary will then be the uphill section between Karussell and Hohe Acht.

Could you imagine carry on the sport of your partner respectively?

Ullrich: Not in the same professional way as professional racing cyclist. I think the best would be a combination of both sports.

Stoltz: Yes, for fun and – if possible – on the back of a tandem.