Ring-Racing to accelerate in 2009!

Team Ring-Racing which is based in Boxberg at a distance of 12 kilometres from the Nürburgring circuit is well prepared for the forthcoming season of the BFGoodrich Landstreckenmeisterschaft Nürburgring. Almost all of the previous drivers have reconfirmed their participation.

Karl Brinker will thus start as spearhead in the New Renault Clio Cup, like last year to be single driver in his Clio. “We have applied further important improvements on the suspension and drivetrain units”, informs Ring-Racing. “Our newly-made engine achieves reliable 260 HP so we have reason to hope that we can achieve lap times between 9:30 and 9:35 minutes.” The new outfit, too, of the Clio shall attract attention. After two years of participation in endurance races the Clio was completely restored and rebuilt. “The package as a whole should this year be perfect to win the Renault Clio Championship”, says Karl Brinker full of expectations.

The “Temsa” Clio will like in 2008 again be driven by Jean-Jacques Meyer. This Clio, too, was completely restored in the winter break in relation to engine and transmission unit. Mid time last season, the “Temsa” Clio was already equipped with a 100 litres FT3 fuel tank so that a race of 4 hours duration can normally be contested with only one fuel stop. Quite a big advantage in the highly competitive Clio Championship.

At least sporadic participations are also scheduled by the Ring-Racing drivers Claude-Alain Besse and Pierre Moret from Switzerland, also in a New Renault Clio Cup. Pierre Moret will begin the season with a test session to take place on 27th March 2009 during the RTS Nürburgring Driver Days and he will then chase for points in the Renault Clio Cup Special Classification from the second round on 18th April 2009 together with Claude-Alain Besse. Due to work, the Swiss hotelier will not be able to compete in the complete season.

One reason for the unbroken enthusiasm of the Renault drivers is definitely also the amount of prize money which will be awarded in 2009 again. Renault Sport Germany has indicated well in advance that their support will be equal or at least similar to 2008. The winner of the Clio classification will thus be awarded a prize money of 15.000 Euro. The total amount of prize money to be allocated had been more than 70.000 Euro.

Apart from the Renault cars, the second focus of Team Ring-Racing is laid on the preparation and support of cars from the manufacturer BMW. Frank Bennemann will again be at the start in the highly competitive class SP5 with his BMW M3 E36, but probably not before the second half of the season. “Comprehensive modifications have been carried out on the M3 E36, in particular with regard to aerodynamics and suspension”, informs a speaker of the team.

From the second half of the season, the Ring-Racing owned BMW E46 might also be at the start in class SP4. The car is currently assembled on basis of a WTCC chassis and shall primarily serve as test and development vehicle for the company from the Eifel region. “We have specialized in the development of suspension parts and engine components which we must of course test under racing conditions before we deliver those to our customers”, adds Team Ring-Racing.