April 2010

2010-04-14Impressive class win and 14th overall position
2010-04-14Team ROWE Motorsport had a successful 35th DMV 4-Hour race
2010-04-12Class win for Lexus
2010-04-12Latvala completed first test drive on legendary Nordschleife
2010-04-12Williams Hybrid Power congratulates Porsche
2010-04-11Fighting BMW performance in the VLN
2010-04-11Experience wins: Nothing to be done to stop Manthey
2010-04-09„Full house“ in the Clio classification at the second race
2010-04-08Class win in SP7 at the kick-off of the season
2010-04-08Super start for Mola in the Ford Mondeo
2010-04-07BMW facing parallel long distance participations
2010-04-07First endurance test successfully passed
2010-04-07The challengers seeking revenge
2010-04-07Vulkan-Racing without success at the first round
2010-04-07Superior double victory for the Scuderia Offenbach
2010-04-07Ups and downs for Ring Racing at the start of the season
2010-04-07Vice champion struggles with technical problems
2010-04-01Start of the season makes everyone look for more
2010-04-01SLS to start in the endurance racing championship
2010-04-01Twins to collect experience
2010-04-01Perfect start of the season
2010-04-01Pole and first kilometres in the lead for Black Falcon

March 2010

2010-03-29Jurek and Olivo are the winners of the opening round
2010-03-28BMW on the podium at the start of the VLN season.
2010-03-28Three successful Porsche premieres
2010-03-28Manthey wins the first race of the season ahead of Audi and BMW
2010-03-28Excellent entry for the marathon race at the Eifel circuit
2010-03-28Strong team with an eye on the podium
2010-03-28BMW to start its preparations at the Nürburgring
2010-03-25SEAT Motorsport presents the new Motor Sport Cup

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