August 2014

2014-08-05Additional licences for VLN and 24h-Race from 2015
2014-08-03Four class wins for Renault teams
2014-08-03Lubner driver trio with an excellent start in the second half of the season
2014-08-03Third success for the Moore siblings
2014-08-03ROWE RACING on the winners’ podium
2014-08-03Repeated success for Frikadelli Racing

July 2014

2014-07-30Holiday fun at the ‚Green Hell‘
2014-07-30Green make cup at the ‘Green Hell’
2014-07-25Half season statistics: This will be a good year
2014-07-09Axel and Max Friedhoff celebrate their second successive win
2014-07-09Second win of the season for Dörr Motorsport
2014-07-08An interview with Karl Mauer
2014-07-07BMW junior complete a flawless VLN race
2014-07-07Second win in the season for Schrick / Luostarinen
2014-07-06Second win of the season for Frikadelli Racing
2014-07-03Fifth round to conclude the first half of the season

June 2014

2014-06-2724h: VLN-Teams take 16 class wins out of 20
2014-06-22Phoenix celebrates second 24h-Race win for Audi

May 2014

2014-05-29First class win for racing-one Ferrari
2014-05-21N430 made a successful racing debut
2014-05-21Dörr Motorsport impresses with strong performance
2014-05-21Successful home game for RTR
2014-05-20Vantage Motorsport celebrates 2nd win
2014-05-20In remembrance of Sir Jack Brabham
2014-05-20OPC: Wolter/Fritzsche/Fritzsche are the new leaders
2014-05-18Black Falcon takes first victory in 2014 for Mercedes
2014-05-18Everybody who is anybody will be at the start
2014-05-18Will Quadder / Kniesburges go down in history?
2014-05-02AVIA celebrates their first win of the season
2014-05-02Aston Martin Teams in positions 1, 2 and 3

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