October 2014

2014-10-089th round will go down in history in several respects
2014-10-07Thing are coming to a boil behind the top two
2014-10-06Marco Werner celebrates 30th motorsport anniversary

September 2014

2014-09-24VLN wins ‚sport auto’ readers award
2014-09-14Eighth round cancelled due to fog
2014-09-07 Possible changes in the championship lead

August 2014

2014-08-28Exciting battle in the rain for Black Falcon
2014-08-28Aston Martin Teams brave the elements
2014-08-28LG WikiSpeed Motorsport promotes the dialogue
2014-08-28LMS Engineering with a one-two win
2014-08-26ROWE RACING makes the triple
2014-08-26A delayed win for Dörr Motorsport
2014-08-26Lubner copes with the extreme weather events
2014-08-25WTCC stars to gain experience at the Nordschleife
2014-08-25ROWE Racing takes the triple at the 6h Race
2014-08-22Highlight of the season marked by the Blitz
2014-08-19100th VLN start for the Beckmann-Manta
2014-08-11Kremer Racing finishing on the podium
2014-08-11Another class win for GetSpeed
2014-08-11Phoenix: quick, but out of luck
2014-08-07Karl Mauer becomes sole VLN Managing Director
2014-08-05Additional licences for VLN and 24h-Race from 2015
2014-08-03Four class wins for Renault teams
2014-08-03Lubner driver trio with an excellent start in the second half of the season
2014-08-03Third success for the Moore siblings
2014-08-03ROWE RACING on the winners’ podium
2014-08-03Repeated success for Frikadelli Racing

July 2014

2014-07-30Holiday fun at the ‚Green Hell‘
2014-07-30Green make cup at the ‘Green Hell’
2014-07-25Half season statistics: This will be a good year

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