August 2015

2015-08-02Uwe Alzen and Dominik Schwager win in their Ford GT

July 2015

2015-07-30Permit B now also available at short notice
2015-07-29Who will be half-time VLN champion 2015?
2015-07-06OPC-Cup: Again a change in the championship lead
2015-07-06Dörr Motorsport wins a super hot race
2015-07-05Hot race: First win for Walkenhorst Motorsport
2015-07-01Literally a true heat battle in the Green Hell

June 2015

2015-06-26Race debut for the Mercedes-AMG GT3
2015-06-26Zimmermann-Porsche still undefeated
2015-06-23„Eifelblitz“ wins in the BMW M235i Racing Cup
2015-06-23New faces on the podium of the Astra OPC Cups
2015-06-23Gala performance by Dörr Motorsport
2015-06-21Frikadelli-Racing takes 200th win for Porsche
2015-06-19GetSpeed wants „to tame the beast“
2015-06-19The first official VLN Quartet card game
2015-06-19TMG: The 24h class winners are highly motivated
2015-06-17Now the season gets really started

May 2015

2015-05-14With muscular power to the victory in the Porsche Cup class
2015-05-14Bad luck and some highlights for Manthey
2015-05-10Rain roulette at the second round of the Astra OPC Cup
2015-05-10ROWE RACING finishing on the winners’ podium
2015-05-10Favourites win in the rain

April 2015

2015-04-26WRT celebrates premiere victory of the new R8
2015-04-22Stars and top-class drivers at the second VLN round
2015-04-22Safety measures upgraded
2015-04-08Safety provisions for the Nordschleife

March 2015

2015-03-28VLN season-opener stopped
2015-03-26Partnership between Premio and the VLN continues
2015-03-26Black Falcon competes in the VLN season with 7 cars
2015-03-26Dunlop „Art Car“ to make their debut

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