September 2015

2015-09-25Jubilees and particular achievements
2015-09-16Against all odds - aesthetic racing wins class V6
2015-09-15Teichmann-Porsche dominates in Cup 2 class
2015-09-15Wrong strategy spoiled second place
2015-09-15Podium positions for Prosport Performance
2015-09-10Manthey: Good start, but no happy end
2015-09-10Weiland Racing achieves the maximum
2015-09-10Lead defended in the BMW single-make cup
2015-09-09Osieka and Jans catching up brilliantly
2015-09-09Aston Martin celebrates a jubilee
2015-09-09Racing one: No luck, but a lot of fighting spirit
2015-09-09Haribo gullwing car first time crossing the finish line
2015-09-09Phoenix-Audi out after an off
2015-09-09First pole position for Farnbacher and Lexus
2015-09-09Hyundai celebrates class win and third place
2015-09-08Hoffmeister/Wrabetz on their way to gain the title
2015-09-08Rowe-Mercedes retired while leading the race
2015-09-08The championship leaders are unstoppable
2015-09-07Black Falcon wins at the VLN season’s highlight
2015-09-03XL package with six hours of pure racing action

August 2015

2015-08-25Dörr-Motorsport continues the successful series
2015-08-25OPC-Cup: Decided on the very last kilometres
2015-08-25Victory for Rowe Racing at the sixth VLN race
2015-08-24Five races, five winners - ROWE RACING triumphing
2015-08-24Teichmann: Best result of the season
2015-08-19Mercedes wants to join the winning teams
2015-08-11RTR: Best result of the season
2015-08-10 Manuel Metzger celebrated a successful comeback
2015-08-10First victory claimed by Hüppi/Schula
2015-08-10An event with ups and downs for Bonk motorsport

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