May 2016

2016-05-20Perfect VLN debut for the Peugeot 308 Racing Cup
2016-05-20Cup 5: Schrey and Mies make the impossible possible
2016-05-19RTR dominating the race - Arkenau dominating the trophy classification
2016-05-18TMG GT86 Cup: Third victory in third race
2016-05-17Manthey column: A learning process never stops...
2016-05-15Superior one-two-three win for BMW
2016-05-12Who will succeed Stippler and Fjordbach?
2016-05-10iRacing brings virtual VLN
2016-05-06A good relationship in class SP2T
2016-05-06Martini column: Suspense at all levels
2016-05-04VLN 2: Statistically significant successes – Part 2
2016-05-04VLN 2: Statistically significant successes – Part 1
2016-05-01Second victory in a row for Phoenix-Racing

April 2016

2016-04-29Ralf Schall, the multiple class winner
2016-04-28Why Stippler and Fjordbach will probably not become the champions
2016-04-27Both quantity and quality
2016-04-1824h-Quali-Race: VLN teams score nine class wins
2016-04-15Many VLN teams at the start of the ADAC Qualification Race
2016-04-12Exciting season opener in the BMW M235i Racing Cup
2016-04-11BMW trio wins class V5
2016-04-07Kremer-Porsche convinced in almost all aspects
2016-04-06Bad luck for the Porsche GT3 crews at the season opener
2016-04-05A dramatic finale in the TMG GT86 Cup
2016-04-05BMW M6 GT3 proved its potential
2016-04-05Cayman GT4-Trophy made an exciting debut
2016-04-05Manthey column: Joint decisions
2016-04-03One-two victory for Phoenix Racing at the season opening
2016-04-01 Comebacks – Back to the VLN
2016-04-01Martini column: Not everything was better in the past
2016-04-01Tim Schrick will compete with an own team

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