June 2009

2009-06-30Despite hot and humid conditions, the ATS teams kept cool
2009-06-30Dupré/Nett back into the championship lead
2009-06-30Victory for Brinker, debut for Clio RS III Phase 2
2009-06-28Basseng/Biela/Stuck celebrate the first victory for Audi
2009-06-23First half of the season ends with a bang
2009-06-23On the winners’ podium again
2009-06-19Innovation award granted to Four Motors
2009-06-19Team spirit instead of pressure to succeed
2009-06-19High safety standards: Schneider uninjured
2009-06-16ATS-Teams are able to replicate their earlier success achieved in the first third of the season
2009-06-16Brinker continues his series of victories
2009-06-16Victory and lead in the Cup for Totz/Kreuer
2009-06-15Manthey never stops winning
2009-06-10The 24h heroes return to the „Green Hell“
2009-06-04BFGoodrich Langstreckenmeisterschaft in the future with DVB-T around the Nürburgring

May 2009

2009-05-29A tour de force to the class victory
2009-05-25VLN-Teams again dominating the 24h Race
2009-05-25Brilliant 4th overall at the 24h Race Nürburgring
2009-05-19First complete race for the „family BMW“
2009-05-19Another place on the podium for the VLN Honda Junior Team
2009-05-19Manthey-Racing regarded as the favourite for the 24h Race
2009-05-14Valuable points gained with borrowed material
2009-05-14Sartorius Team Black Falcon on the podium
2009-05-10Last hurdle successfully taken!
2009-05-08ATS-Teams celebrate a brilliant triple success
2009-05-05Hat-trick for Dupré/Nett in the tv14 Civic Cup
2009-05-05Third victory in third race
2009-05-04Karl Brinker: One-two victory after an extraordinary performance
2009-05-04Manthey-Racing wins race that went down to the wire
2009-05-0435.000 fans around the Nürburgring enthusiastic about former DTM race cars

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