August 2009

2009-08-27Renault MotorSport: Engagement for children suffering from cancer
2009-08-26Illustrious grid at the Grenzlandrennen
2009-08-26Finnish moments at Kissling Motorsport
2009-08-20Series winner wanted!
2009-08-18The successful flights of the falcons
2009-08-18Claudia Hürtgen winning at the Nordschleife in the BMW M3 GT4
2009-08-12After the storm came the calm
2009-08-10Class win and lead in the Championship after the highlight of the season
2009-08-09Perfect race for the Kissling Opel Astra OPC
2009-08-04Backed on the wrong horse

July 2009

2009-07-31The Busch twins also quick in the Porsche
2009-07-299.000 kilometres for six hours
2009-07-27race&event with an impressive team performance
2009-07-26Feeling of success in the Eifel Region
2009-07-26Racing Green in the „Green Hell“
2009-07-22Pole and second victory for Totz / Kreuer
2009-07-22ATS-Teams leave their competitors out in the rain
2009-07-22Jurek and Olivo make a comeback
2009-07-19Manthey-Racing does the 6h hat trick
2009-07-19Paul Hulverscheid has passed away
2009-07-14Six hours of excitement at the summer festival 2009
2009-07-12Various activities supporting events at the 6h Race
2009-07-12Positive summary of the first half of the season
2009-07-07WGB Racingteam completes the month of July with two top 10 positions
2009-07-06Another class victory for race&event
2009-07-06...and another podium for the VLN Honda Junior-Team!
2009-07-06Too late change of weather for the Frikadelli Racing Team
2009-07-06Objective achieved
2009-07-02Second successive class victory
2009-07-01Bonk-Team continuing on the road to success

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