October 2009

2009-10-18German kickboxing champion Marie Lang enthusiastic after her ride in the race taxi
2009-10-16Team Rowe-Motorsport to participate with a Porsche 911 GT3
2009-10-16BMW M1 entered by the team Bonk-motorsport
2009-10-14Striking guest with Dominik Thiemann
2009-10-14Top classes completed by high-quality competitors
2009-10-13Civic drivers fulfil the expectations of the team managers
2009-10-12Another top position for the WGB-Racingteam
2009-10-12… another almost perfect weekend!
2009-10-12Prizegiving ceremony at the Eifel-Stadl to be continued
2009-10-12Plenty of cups for the team Black Falcon at the Barbarossapreis race
2009-10-12Problems resulted in success
2009-10-05First victory for the Honda VLN Junior Team
2009-10-05„My greatest race“
2009-10-04Great success for the new prizegiving ceremony
2009-10-04Mamerow-Racing wins the 41st Barbarossapreis

September 2009

2009-09-29The Barbarossapreis race to open the spectacular final of the championship
2009-09-29Ten out of 22.000 will gain first experiences in the endurance racing championship
2009-09-29Black Falcon aims at defending the title
2009-09-25Pilot scheme: Prizegiving in the Eifel-Stadl
2009-09-23BMW M3 GT2 starts at the Barbarossapreis
2009-09-15Mike Schmit finally lucky at the Green Hell
2009-09-15Success for Agon, bad luck for Frikadelli
2009-09-15Fed up with second places
2009-09-08VLN Honda Junior-Team back on the podium
2009-09-06Vulkan-Racing Viper GT3 into top ten
2009-09-06ATS-Teams can continue its triumphant success
2009-09-02New car and fifth victory for Dupré/Nett
2009-09-01Clio drivers Jurek and Olivo take the lead

August 2009

2009-08-30Fifth victory of the season for Manthey-Racing
2009-08-29Titus: At the limit, whether on rollers or on wheels

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