February 2018

2018-02-21Underdog Racing, an exotic spot in the VLN
2018-02-19Laser shall contribute to make Frikadelli shining
2018-02-16Johannes Scheid breaks new grounds with his new Junior trio
2018-02-14S.Pace-Racing relies on an Opel race car
2018-02-07The Gold Bear says goodbye!

January 2018

2018-01-30From Haribo to Frikadelli
2018-01-30Jans stays at GetSpeed
2018-01-26BASTUCK joins VLN as sponsor
2018-01-25For Smudo, alcohol is a solution
2018-01-17Brilliant: Leuchter will drive in the team of professional footballer Kruse
2018-01-10KTM X-BOW Cup now also with Permit B
2018-01-10Kissling Motorsport offers interesting advantages for Astra TCR customers
2018-01-01Changing in the guard: Ralph-Gerald Schlüter assumes the office from Karl Mauer

December 2017

2017-12-13Far from a bad quota
2017-12-13Leonard Weiss: ”I really want to go for it “
2017-12-08“My Nordschleife“: Marcel Manheller
2017-12-07Vehicle comparison: V5-Cayman vs. Group-H Nine Eleven

November 2017

2017-11-28Worthy setting to reward magnificent achievements
2017-11-13Adrenalin takes the Production Car Trophy
2017-11-13Keeevin Sports and Racing dominates class VT2
2017-11-03The 2017 class winners are confirmed
2017-11-01Christopher Brück looks back positively

October 2017

2017-10-27VLN calendar 2018 announced
2017-10-25Second victory of the season for Teichmann Racing
2017-10-22Michael Schrey defended his title successfully
2017-10-20Sample calculations to the 2017 championship?
2017-10-19Award for the VLN as the best national grassroots racing series again
2017-10-18A get together of top stars
2017-10-18The Opel Astra TCR is also victorious in endurance racing
2017-10-13Right tyre choice paid out for Milltek Racing

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