Stuck: „You have to be grateful to the drivers’ working group “

In April, Hans-Joachim Stuck was reconfirmed in the position as President for another four years by the delegates of the DMSB General Assembly. In an interview, the 65-years-old former race driver comments for the first time in detail on relevant subjects. Hans-Joachim Stuck about…

...his re-election:
“It signifies that my work during the last four years has been assessed positively; the DMSB members and support associations have re-elected me, so it appears that I did most things right.”

...the discussion around the subject safety at the Nordschleife:
“I was blamed for many things which were not my fault. All of a sudden I was Mister Speed Limit. As DMSB President I bear the responsibility for the decisions taken by the DMSB. And I voted for the slow zones, but I was just one out of 17.”

...the work of the DMSB in this context:
“Today, we can see the result of our efforts: It is OK at the Nordschleife, everything is running smoothly. So you can say: We did it right.”

...the disagreement between DMSB and the drivers’ working group:
“The drivers’ working group has basically made a very good job; it is composed of very competent persons who know what they are talking about. In the end you have to be grateful to the drivers’ working group as they have been so persistent and insisted upon the application of their measures.”

...the GT3 cars at the Nordschleife:
“There is a limit for each type of race car at the Nordschleife. There was a moment when the Formula 1 cars were no longer allowed to compete there. Then the group C sports cars were banned because they were too quick. And with the GT3 cars, we are relatively close to this limit.”

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