VLN-Cups: TMG GT86-Cup

In 2016, the TMG GT86-Cup will be organised for the fourth time within the framework of the VLN and it will once again provide top-class competition throughout the season. This is amongst others underlined by the fact that last year’s Cup winners Arne Hoffmeister and Fabian Wrabetz had been in the lead of the VLN classification for a long time but had to be satisfied with a third overall position in the VLN table after the final.

An upgraded version of the TMG GT86 will this season be available. The comprehensive package includes amongst others a revised body kit, consisting of front spoiler, side skirts and rear wing, as well as a new air intake system providing the engine with a power of 210 instead of 200 HP. The gearbox, too, has undergone a revision, brakes and clutch systems were improved. A reduction in weight was furthermore achieved with lighter doors and a new battery. “We will deliver corresponding packages to our customers from the fourth VLN race”, says Cup Principle Nico Ehlert. “We expect all these upgrades to allow for a closer level of competition in the series and to increase the level of performance.” So another season full of thrilling racing action amongst the Toyota-Cup drivers is to be expected for the year 2016. Ehlert: “The fourth successive season in the VLN shows that we feel very comfortable to be part of the VLN and we are looking forward to another hopefully exciting year.”

On Monday, 21st March, we will inform about the Opel Astra OPC-Cup