VLN-Cups: BMW 235i Racing Cup

The BMW 235i Racing Cup has been a fixed event in the calendar since its introduction in the year 2014. The Cup has always figured an important number of entries. Last year for example, the average of 17 cars had been on the starting grid at each VLN race. In 2016 again, the BMW Cup promises to become the class with the highest number of competitors within the series. “We expect more than 20 cars to be at the start”, confirms Jens Marquardt, BMW Motorsport Director. “And they will once again provide top racing action for the VLN fans.”

Upgraded components for the 333 HP strong compact sports car from Munich will be available for the participants this season. The rear wing and a modified wheel suspension shall result in a smoother behaviour of the rear axle. The brake system was revised so that the running costs are reduced. In the BMW 235i Racing Cup, an increasingly higher number of young talents is meanwhile competing with experienced drivers at the Nordschleife. Last season for example, Michele Di Martino and Moritz Oberheim, the 18 years old who participated in his first VLN season, had a thrilling battle with the Nürburgring veterans Mario Merten and Ralf Schall. The juniors finally gained the Cup title.

On Sunday, 20th March, we will inform about the TMG GT86-Cup