In addition to the participants and the true fans of the VLN endurance racing championship Nürburgring, the many safety marshals who are on duty during the events all around the Nordschleife are true enthusiasts. Whether in heavy rain or in bright sunshine - the track marshals as they are called contribute to an enormous important part to the successful running of each and every VLN event.

To be on duty as marshal at the Nordschleife implies a big responsibility. Whilst at the modern circuits, Race Control can control each centimetre of the race track visually and give selected instructions, the marshals in the 'Green Hell' quite often have to work on their own. In the case of a dangerous situation, they must quickly take the right decisions and act accordingly. Furthermore, they will of course also report any incidents on the track to Race Control.

Since years, the VLN team has been trained the marshals for their duties at the Nordschleife. Anybody interested may contact the VLN directly.