Before each race, all the cars, without exception, have to pass the technical checks at scrutineering. Four areas hereby are to be highlighted: the team documents, the safety devices in the car, the drivers' equipment and the vehicle itself. The technical checks of the race cars at scrutineering are carried out in accordance with the general conditions stipulated in the regulations. "It is not possible to dismantle all the cars completely before each race", explains Bernd Burkhardt, VLN Member of the Board for Technology. "We carry out random checks on various details for compliance with the regulations which are applicable for the car concerned. A deep control of the vehicles at scrutineering cannot be carried out. Nowadays, many values are automatically recorded and stored in the data logger and then evaluated."

If a participant is of the opinion that the car of a competitor is not in compliance with the regulations, he/she has the possibility to lodge a protest. The technical staff will then take an active part and check the parts in question in great detail.