Race Control is the place where all information is gathered and all issues are co-ordinated. Each point around the Grand Prix Circuit can be observed by the Clerk of the Course, the Chief Safety Officer, the Stewards, the Chief Medical Officer and the assistants. Any incidents at the Nordschleife are reported by the marshals by phone or by radio. Currently, real time signals sent per GPS from the cars also provide valuable information.

When action is required, Race Control feels in its element and decisions are taken swiftly. "Yellow flags at Schwedenkreuz, an E-unit to the Eiskurve." Even in cases of complicated and multiple problems, bustle does not break out as the processes are well established since years and everybody knows what he/she has to do. In a case of emergency, track safety, E-unit and DMSB safety team, Malteser emergency service and the breakdown services work hand in hand.

Any infringements of the participants are also dealt with in Race Control. A penalty will be imposed by Race control on any participant failing to comply with the rules - whether this concerns overtaking under waved yellow flags or exceeding the speed limit enforced in the pit lane.